Homemade Egg Noodles

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These homemade egg noodles are used in the traditional Moldovan soup “Zeama” and in other dishes as well.


1 egg
about 1 cup of flour


Crack the egg in a bowl. A little at a time, add the flour and knead with the hands, until the dough is very firm. Shape into a ball.


Spread a little flower on a hard surface. Place the dough on top, and use a rolling pin to spread it into a thin layer. Use as much flour as needed, in order to prevent the dough from sticking to the working surface.


Cut the dough in half, and continue spreading it. Try to get it as thin as possible.


Cut the dough sheets in wide strips.


Spread some more flour on the working surface. Place the strips of dough one on top of the other, adding flour in between every strip, so that they don’t stick together.


With a knife, cut the dough in very thin slivers, as shown in the picture below.


When you’re done, place the noodles in a sifter, and sift the extra flour away from the noodles.

You can use the noodles right away, or dry them off in order to use later. To do that, spread them on a larger clean surface and let them air dry. When completely dry to the touch, place the noodles in a plastic bag and store in a dry place.

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